Wallbox takes the stage at Munich and Paris fairs

Wallbox Fair

The introduction of the first ever bi-directional DC home charger by Wallbox was the headline announcement at both eMove360, Munich and Autonomy, Paris.

With record numbers of visitors at both shows, the Wallbox display area was a constant sea of onlookers. Media coverage of the reveal was also spread across the UK and Europe, and as far a India, where Autocar Professional picked up on the news. It is fair to say that once again Wallbox has captured the imagination of the electric vehicle world, as it did a year earlier with the introduction of the facial and gesture recognition access control on its Copper chargers.

The 40-strong Wallbox events team divided themselves over both locations. Product displays were fully functional, offering business and private visitors the opportunity to experience operation of the company’s chargers as if in real life.

Each unit was coupled to its own unique mobile phone, which allowed access to the newly refreshed myWallbox charging management platform. This illustrated another world first from Wallbox, the introduction of speech control and command interpretation through artificial intelligence and learning software. In plain terms that means visitors could simply direct speech commands to the chargers, such as ‘fully charge my car by the morning’ and the charging system then simply takes care of the operation with regard for all other home energy use in the same period of time.

The opportunity of talking to myWallbox was too irresistible for many.

Senior management was also on hand. CEO and Wallbox founder Enric Asuncion commented: ‘I have huge gratitude for everyone at Wallbox that has worked through many nights to bring these two amazing shows together. The reaction of thousands of visitors to our stands has been amazing’.